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Our Power Units

The AGILE BUSINESS CENTER currently has the following 6 power units:

Creative Concept Center

The Creative Concept Center is the 'brain' or the 'think tank' of abc.

Agile methods are internalized and continuously refined.

Design Thinking, Design Sprint, Lean Startup, Scrum, Business Model Canvas

Media Center

This is where the digital transformation takes place.

This applies to all media, from document management to the automated analysis of image, sound and film material.

ML and AI up to DL are the abbreviation language of the progressive digitization.

IoT and Industry 4.0 are calling, we create global solutions.

Data Center

„Data is the world’s great new natural resource. What steam power was to the 18th century, electromagnetism to the 19th and fossil fuels to the 20th… data will be to the 21st.“
Ginni Rometty, President and Chief Executive Officer of IBM

The abc data center is independant and DIN 27001 certified.

At our Cologne location, behind the historic facade of Haus Saaleck, you find our german 'Fort Knox' for data and/or outsourced data processing and computing services.

In addition to data in the cloud or from questionable third-party vendors abc is the alternative as a profound cooperation model: Your data remains in your company - our services are provided on-premise as part of an enterprise solution system.

Soft Lab

The abc Soft Lab is an innovation laboratory for digital transformation with a focus on data analytics and business intelligence.

The introduction of new agile working methods and the development and support of initiatives to improve infrastructure and output form the basis of the transformation path.

"The development of new data-driven services as well as solutions and services for automation in the areas of data analytics and business intelligence are achieved through a partnership and continuous working relationship with our customers based on mutual trust."
Christoph Böther-Schultze - CEO of abc

Green Lab

Green Lab is a hidden place. The 'GL cube' offers our customers space for confidential product presentations, photo and film productions.

The exclusive location also offers space for concentrated coaching & training sessions as well as high-quality group events.

Media Studio

The abc Media Studio is the creative cell for audiovisual communication.